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West End, Vancouver

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Vancouver’s West End is a fantastic neighbourhood, home to three great commercial streets, Davie, Denman and Robson, high density residential dwellings, gorgeous sandy beaches, stunning parks, hotels, shopping, bars, pubs, nightlife, and a wide range of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world.


Vancouver’s vibrant West End is also one of the city’s most cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, bordered by long stretches of beaches with palm trees on two sides, Stanley Park on another, the shimmering glass towers of downtown to the northeast, surrounded by a spectacular seawall.

Within easy access of all major downtown hotels, and home to a number of hotels itself, the upper Davie Street area is home turf for Davie Village, the world-renowned 24/7 hub for Vancouver’s LGBTQ2+ community, offering a great selection of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, shops and services.

Now that all restrictions for the pandemic have been lifted, we are delighted to see that many of the large scale world-class annual events in the West End are back with in-person live celebrations, including the Vancouver Pride Parade and Celebration of Light.

ATo find out more about this intriguing part of Vancouver’s colourful cultural mosaic, visit the West End Business Improvement Association website: https://westendbia.com #WeAmaze


 West End Business Improvement Association



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