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Seattle, U.S.A.


The striking, dramatic skyline of downtown Seattle frames the shoreline of Elliot Bay in the beautiful Puget Sound region of Washington State. This bustling urban metropolis of over 2.7 million people has a relaxed, west coast, LGBTQ+ welcoming attitude, and is home to a thriving, visible LGBTQ+ community.

Estimated to have the second largest LGBTQ+ population per capita in the USA, the focal center of LGBTQ+ life in Seattle is known as the Capitol Hill district, overlooking the downtown core. Capitol Hill has a charming residential area, and is home to an eclectic mix of trendy shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and dance clubs.

Celebrating 46 Years of Pride, the Seattle Pride Parade is back for 2022. Official Seattle Out and Proud events kick off with the Volunteer Park Pride Festival on June 4, culminating with the Seattle Pride Parade on June 24. Route is from the corner of Union St. and 4th, along 4th Avenue to the Seattle Center.

Seattle Pridefest 2022, "The largest Free Pride Festival in America" includes PrideFest Capital Hill on Saturday, June 25-26 and PrideFest Seattle Center on Sunday, June 26.

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Seattle_PrideSeattle Pride 2022 

June 26, from 11am - 5pm Online
Celebrating 46 Years of Pride. Seattle Virtual Pride is the opportunity to celebrate new wins for equality, and get encouragement for the work yet to come. Check out all the details: Seattle Pride 2022

Seattle Pride Photos:

 Bars and Pubs   

RPlaceR Place - currently closed, but check back for new location information

Events and shows all through the week, including Thirsty Thursdays, Transcendance, Therapy, Homo Hop, Karaoke Nights, Seattle’s all-star cast of Lashes and the hottest Go Go Dancers! 619 East Pine Street, Seattle 1.206.322.8828 www.rplaceseattle.com  , www.facebook.com/rplaceseattle   

 Visitor Centers

Seattle Metronatural

Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau offers Visitor Centers and Concierge Services, as well as a comprehensive website with a dedicated LGBT Travel section. 206.461.5840 www.visitseattle.org/lgbt 


Note: As of June 1, 2009, all visitors entering the U.S.A., by land or sea, are required to present passports or approved identification, such as a NEXUS, FAST card, or enhanced driver’s licenses.


1. R PLace 
2. Seattle Center 
3. Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally

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