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Commercial Drive, Vancouver


Commercial Drive, known locally as "The Drive", is a unique neighbourhood situatedon Vancouver’s east side.

This hip, dynamic area is packed with smaller, owner-operated businesses, over 400 in all, many of which are one-of-a kind. It is also ethnically and culturally diverse, with a bohemian vibe reminiscent of Greenwich Village, and the occasional flash of Venice Beach.

The culinary and pub scenes are robust and diverse, featuring a wide range of restaurants, bistros, cafes, pubs, bakeries and even fast food. Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, and a few unexpected but delightful finds, such as a café serving fare from Kathmandu, are among the myriad of offerings. There are also numerous street-side patios, which are great places stop for a while and enjoy this fascinating part of town.

Events of many kinds take place year-round in the Commercial Drive district, including East Side Pride, which is an Official Pride Event, helping the VPS kick off Pride Season each year (end of June every year).

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